Sahra by the river

The concept of Sahra by the River was for the dishes served to resemble the deeply rooted culture of Lebanon. The Alameins, who come from a family of immigrants, had one vision – to bring the beauty of Lebanese cuisine to Australian shores.

Serving Sydney food for over four decades, Sahra by the River has won the challenge of merging cuisine, mood and experience, serving the finest elements of the Lebanese culture through our food, our decor and our atmosphere.

No venue rivals our exclusive bespoke menu. Take a sensory journey to Lebanon and experience dining with Sahra by the River.

What you can do
At Sahra by the river

At Sahra by the River, our venue is fit for all of life’s greatest moments – whether it’s love, excellence or unity. Our team is prepared to turn the event of your dreams into a reality with our exquisite menu, impeccable venue and world-class service. Whether you’re after an intimate event or a public occasion, we promise that you’ll have a memorable experience.
Enjoy the best
Sahra has to offer

The Sahra By The River family has been serving authentic Lebanese food to families across Sydney for over 40 years, and we’re continuing this tradition.

Our takeaway menu is a collection of Sahra specialities so that while you’re eating in, the tastiness feels the same.

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SAHRA BY THE RIVER sincerely welcomes you and hopes your dining experience is as relaxing and
pleasant as the fisherman enjoying a glass of Arak with a plate of kibby by the river.