An authentic Lebanese restaurant in Sydney with a view of Parramatta River

When on the looking for a Lebanese restaurant in Sydney, there is a ‘too many options’ complex which arises.

Sahra by the River is extremely proud to serve the finest Lebanese cuisine Sydney’s west has to offer. Or are we being biased?

Offering an exceptional variety of mezza, mains and desserts, complemented by locally sourced and imported beverages, Sahra By The River caters to all.

But, what is it that sets Sahra by the River apart from the rest of the Lebanese restaurants in Sydney?

A restaurant that ‘feels’ Lebanese in Sydney…

Nothing says time well-invested more than the perfect meal experience. Perhaps the setting is more important to you. Whatever your preference, Sahra by the River will cater to you.

For Lebanese or those who know of the culture, eating is an experience. We can write about all of the cliche emotions food evokes for the Lebanese sitting, but that is not important here. What is important is the fact that Sahra by the River brings a taste of Lebanese hospitality to the banks of Parramatta River.

To embrace our culture, we considered 3 important things when establishing our “Lebanese” restaurant:

  • The atmosphere and design
  • The taste of our food
  • The combination of both of these
This is how we promise hospitality at our Lebanese restaurant:

With a profound location, unique ambience and a delicately selected menu, there is no doubt that our objective of good times, good food and food memories will be achieved.

We guarantee you leaving happier, healthier and wiser. Here are a few things to check for prior to visiting our Lebanese restaurant:

  • Mentally prepare yourself for a feast like no other
    Lebanese people are known for putting on a showstopper feast no matter what the occasion. Even if you’re visiting a Lebanese family on a mid-week family dinner gathering, expect a multiplex of different dishes, including mezza, mains and even dessert.
    No gathering is complete without food and each bonding experience is significantly enhanced when people are preparing and consuming the food.
    Traditionally, the people of Lebanon will put on a feast for absolutely any occasion you can think of, simple is NOT in their vocabulary.
    If you are yet to try Lebanese food, 1. you have been living under a rock and 2. you might want to mentally prepare yourself to enjoy a spectacular feast, with what may seem an endless amount of dishes full of exotic flavours. So, when you come to visit Sahra by the River, prepare yourself… for a feast!
  • Arrive on an empty stomach
    If you are planning on enjoying a Lebanese dining experience with us, be sure to come on an empty stomach. The reason why we encourage this is that there will be food and plenty of it!
    You will want to try it all so order a banquet style dish which comes with various mezza options hot and cold including kibby raw and nayyeh, sambousik, garlic prawn and salt and pepper squid, 3 skewers of chicken lamb and kafta per person as well as tabouli and fattoush salad.
    There is also vegetarian and gluten-free food options available. If banquet style dining is not your thing, there are plenty of other mezze and mains you can choose to your liking; customise the face of your table setting with us.
  • Be open to trying new things
    Lebanese cuisine is unique.
    There are many things on the menu, you most likely have not heard of or tried before in your life such as kibby nayyeh.
    It is a delicacy in Lebanon and is often served as one entree option before the main meal. It is A-grade ground grass-fed lamb with cracked wheat and served with pickles, radish, shallot and garlic sauce on the side.
    Arak is often consumed with kibbeh nayyeh which is Lebanon’s national alcoholic drink. It is a distilled spirit which is made of grapes and aniseed, best served with ice and water.
    Another Lebanese specialty that only those game enough to try will more often than not enjoy. So, be open and treat your taste buds.
  • Limit the bread intake with each dish
    Who doesn’t love warm bread? Especially warm Lebanese bread!
    It comes both freshly baked or fried with any mezza dish, main meal or meat or vegetarian banquet option.
    It is hard to limit one’s consumption of the deliciously tasting Lebanese bread, however, if you want to enjoy a full feast and various dishes, we advise you to stick to just a few pieces of bread to avoid getting too full too soon.
  • It is a healthy(er) option for dining out
    Unlike many other cuisines, Lebanese restaurants serve relatively healthy food and offer a good balance of hearty options without breaking the diet too much.
    From back when the cuisine was first conceived, the Lebanese ancestors used only freshly grown ingredients from locally grown crops which have been passed down from generation to generation, maintaining its fresh and wholesome taste in every single dish.
    Many of our dishes incorporate fresh ingredients such as garlic, lemon, olive oil and which are not only healthy but add the zesty and delicious flavours to any dish. With the lies of freshly blended vegetable to make dips such as baba ghanouj and hummus will make for tasty, healthy alternatives to conventional dips.There are vegetarian and gluten-free banquets and single mezza and main dishes for diners who do not eat meat, making this Lebanese restaurant one that caters to all.

Sahra By The River owned by a family who has been serving great Lebanese food to Sydneysiders for over forty years.

With their extensive culinary experience, you will not want to go anywhere else to experience exotic flavours in a unique atmosphere, perfectly styled to give off Arabian vibes.

Book your next event with the experienced team or reserve a table for lunch or dinner!

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