Lebanese restaurants: Find out why they are the perfect venue for your corporate function

Do you want the perfect setting for your corporate function? Look no further. Lebanese restaurants offer everything you need and more. From delicious food to spacious interiors and unique entertainment, organising your corporate party will be a breeze!

“I followed my heart and it led me to a Lebanese restaurant “

Many Lebanese restaurants offer a range of unique spaces available for corporate events, equipped with audio-visual equipment suitable for large cocktail events or large formal dinners. Securing the ideal corporate function venue makes all the difference for executing your vision and delivering an exceptional experience for your guests.

Corporate functions usually involve a large number of guests. This is why Lebanese restaurants are ideal for corporate functions! If you know someone from the Lebanese culture, you would know that they all have big families and are professionals when it comes to hospitality. If you want your event to run smoothly, Lebanese restaurants are the ultimate choice.

5 reasons you should host your corporate function/party at a Lebanese restaurant venue

There is no ‘we’ in Lebanese cuisine

Lebanese food is known for sharing. From an array of delectable mezza options to main dishes, you will be able to have a bite of just about everything. The benefit of choosing a Lebanese restaurant for your corporate function is that you can simply choose a banquet option – removing the hassle of choosing a separate dish for each and every guest. Sharing is caring. Lebanese people love to share their food. In fact, mezza is designed to be shared amongst large groups. The perfect venue for a corporate function!

It doesn’t end there! The quality and taste of food at Lebanese restaurants are truly superb. Each and every dish is served with quality fresh ingredients, unique flavours and love. A Lebanese dining experience allows guests to enjoy a range of different items from the menu, transporting your taste buds to Lebanon.

The Lebanese sure know how to party

Lebanese restaurants allow you to enjoy a fun-filled night with music, entertainment and good food! Corporate functions shouldn’t be boring – and it is important that everyone enjoys their day/night to the fullest. The experience is one of the most important factors of an event and one that guests will take away with them. Lebanese restaurants offer a complete experience for guests with exceptional customer service. Lebanese restaurants make sure your event is one that leaves guests with an unforgettable experience.

Sit back and relax

Another benefit of choosing a Lebanese restaurant venue for your corporate event is that you will be able to cater to groups as large as 200 people. These restaurants offer a spacious interior allowing you to host a large corporate event with ease.

Sahra by the River is the ultimate venue for your corporate function. Our staff will help you organise your event and ensure everything is delivered exceptionally on the day. If you are searching for a place to wine and dine with a client or host a corporate event – we offer the perfect venue to host any business occasion.

With a variety of spaces to suit your needs, the choice is yours!

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