Our menu’s very own modern twist on Lebanese cuisine

Lebanese cuisine is no doubt becoming increasingly popular in Sydney. It is becoming more and more prominent on a global scale with an increase in Lebanese restaurants, making this specialty cuisine the most highly sought after Middle-Eastern cuisine.

When browsing through our menu, Lebanese cuisine will no doubt be rich in variety. From succulent meats to delicious dips to decadent desserts, there is a dish for everyone. Without forgetting the bread, our twist on our menu showcases our favourite Lebanese cuisine, and where we can, the perfect twist.

Our menu showcasing the finest of Lebanese cuisine, both traditional and modern

When comprising our menu, we focused on delivering one thing – the best of the best. We not only want to serve the best foods but also put together the best of the best in terms of menu options.

When dining at Sahra by the River, it is essential to know that our travels have shaped our menu. These connections and experiences have helped us conjure the most exquisite recipes and share our culinary secrets with our patrons. Our homeland and its traditions magically influence our dishes, which are mixed with experiences, and above all, love.

Lebanese cuisine is a product of centuries of tradition, of history and influence. If you have ever visited a Lebanese restaurant and sifted through its menu, you would have noticed Turkish influence, Greek influence and more! This means that the country of Lebanon, located on the coast of the Mediterranean, is the pinpoint of the most beautiful elements of Mediterranean cuisine, fusing various global flavours into our dishes.

At Sahra by the River, we too have done this. We have merged our experiences and ensured that, like the globe trotter that wanders for an experience that transforms his senses, our patrons enjoy a sensual escape. Even if but for a moment. We wanted Sydney, especially the Parramatta region, to taste the diversity of our culture through a stylised approach to Lebanese dining. From our decor to our servings, to the actual dishes – every bit of Sahra by the River is intentional – including its incredible water view.

Our menu aims to collide tradition and technique. We focused on taking a creative approach to Lebanese cuisine, making our restaurant second to none in the region. With this, our menu has become art in its own right and is something we are very proud of.

Here are our top 3 dishes which we have taken a modern twist on:

GRILLED BARRAMUNDI served w. walnut salsa & grilled vegetables

You would have noticed that there is never one ingredient on a plate when dining the Lebanese way. A staple of Lebanese culture is the ‘dip’. This dish is no exception. A perfectly grilled Barramundi fillet represents the Australian coast. Meanwhile, we bring a splash of Lebanon with our specialty walnut salsa, mixed with fresh chilli, shallots, garlic and more (we don’t want to share our secret online!). Served on a bed of vegetables, this dish is our very own way of mixing the traditions of Lebanese cuisine on the simply delicious Barramundi.

LAMB SHANK MANSAF: braised lamb shank, mint yoghurt sauce, spiced lamb risotto, & roasted nuts

Our very own modern take on mansaf, this concoction of rice, mincemeat, pine nuts and Lebanese spices is the perfect risotto. Traditionally, the lamb is shredded for this dish. However, we keep the lamb on its shank. Slow-cooked on low-heat, this ensures that the meat remains moist and does not lose its flavour. In case this wasn’t flavoursome enough, we also serve this dish with a mint-yoghurt sauce, creating the perfect mixture of flavours.

HALLOUMI grilled served w. tomato, cucumber, olives, & candied walnut

Grilled halloumi is no surprise to any Lebanese menu. Considered a staple in every Lebanese restaurant, Halloumi cheese is traditionally enjoyed with Lebanese bread and fresh vegetables such as cucumber and tomato. Of course, this is not enough for us here at Sahra by the River. We sprinkle our grilled halloumi with our secret candied walnut mix, heated to perfection – the perfect fusion of eastern and western flavours in one dish.

Our restaurant is fashionable and showcases a typically traditional Lebanese house with hints of brass, monochromatic finishes and an Arabic inspired atmosphere. Despite this, there is a twist in many of our menu’s dishes. We embrace our traditions, but also love appropriating these delicate dishes into the perfect fusion of our past and present.

If this isn’t enough, you can check our more of our extensive menu here. Come in and experience Lebanese cuisine at its best here at Sahra by the River. Call us today on 9635 6615 or make a reservation online.