Why Sahra by the River is a Lebanese restaurant you must try…

Let’s talk culture, class, cuisine and cocktails. Sahra by the River offers a unique riverside dining experience in Sydney’s Parramatta region, like no other.
Allow yourself to be immersed in a culture that is rich in flavour and history, while enjoying banquet upon banquet of mouth-watering delicacies. If there is one thing to know and understand about the Lebanese culture, it is of course, that meals are made for sharing.
Family and friends are an integral part of the culture, always centering gatherings large or small around food – whether preparing it or eating it.

Here are 5 reasons why Sahra’s by the River is a ‘must try’ Lebanese restaurant in Sydney:


Food is plentiful and oh so delicious. Starting with the mezza, the choice is between hot or cold plates or both which is a great way to kick off a feast. The soft, warm bread accompanies a delicious array of appetizer sized dips.

As for the mains, the chefs know how to transform simple ingredients into share platter masterpieces. These share platters are the prefect reason why Lebanese restaurants are a real hit among groups of 4 or more.

Exquisite is an appropriate term used to describe both the style and aroma of Lebanese cuisine which will have you savouring the taste until your next return.

It is a cuisine that, without a doubt, knows how to perfectly incorporate herbs, spices, zesty citrus fruits and red and white meats, bringing the unique taste of Lebanon to the shores of Australia.

It doesn’t end there. Big feasts must always end on a high and what better way than with a plate of dessert and coffee?

If you are thinking of trying a traditional Lebanese sweet, Rice Pudding is a perfect authentic bowl of coconut milk, pistachio and mango sorbet. There are also other traditional Lebanese desserts that explode with flavour such as:

  • Baklawa: filo pastry mixed with pistachio and syrup.
  • Aysh al sarya: lebanese milky pudding with pistachio and orange blossom.
  • Jawz Bel Tanmer: fresh dates stuffed with walnuts and served with yoghurt.

The word ‘Sahra’ in the Arabic language translates to ‘dessert’, much like the famous Sahara Desert. However, in more colloquial terms the word is often used to describe a ‘night out’ or ‘evening’.

Spending your nights at Sahra by the River, means you will revel in and make the most of the traditions of the Lebanese culture while on the beautifully transformed banks of the Parramatta River.

An atmosphere that remarkably reflects both historical and modern experiences, meticulously transporting you to the streets of Lebanon.


When people speak of culture, our own personal experiences usually come to mind.

Culture is unique, filled with memories and traditions that are specific to a particular country or region. For the Lebanese, culture is very much linked to hospitality and food. Lebanese cuisine is known for always leaves its mark on diners for so delicately curating dishes and bringing regional textures, flavours and love to the table.

Unique upbringing and experiences play an important role in bringing this adept culture to the streets of Sydney. The founders of Sahra by the River have been serving Lebanese food to Sydneysiders for over forty years. With thousands of miles travelled (between the Arabic communities of North Africa, all the way to Mexico), they have spent a vast amount of time gaining the experience allow the perfect curation of dishes that bring a wealth of regional textures and flavours to the table.

Combine this experience with a cultural upbringing and a perfect location and you have the greatest Lebanese experience right here in the heart of Sydney.


In Lebanon there are two types of villages; coastal or mountainous. As the whole of Lebanon’s West runs down the Mediterranian Sea, the country boasts unbeatable views.

Sahra by the River emulates this unique feel with the newly renovated Parramatta River Banks – the perfect location with ample parking spaces for a large group.


Expose your guests to the Sahra experience by hosting your next special event, celebration, business meeting or product launch.

Weddings and Engagements
Much like the fusion of flavours experienced at Sahra on a day-to-day basis, celebrating the union of love between two people is equally as important.

Couples are often left with the difficult decision of choosing an engagement or wedding venue in Sydney.

Sahra by the River has made your decision a whole lot easier, offering a variety of food and beverage packages which will undoubtedly take you and your guests you on a journey to the Middle East, savouring the culinary delights of the region, without having to go further than Parramatta.
Boasting exclusive decor, Sahra is complemented by the picturesque view of Parramatta river; the perfect backdrop for your special day.

Holy Communions and Christenings
When celebrating Holy Sacraments, group sizing most commonly tends to be on the larger end of the spectrum. Sahra is a preferred destination, with ample restaurant space or even a private function room, it’s the perfect venue to host family and friends for special occasions.

Corporate Functions
Searching for a tasteful place to wine and dine with a corporate client, host a corporate event or seminar, or even enjoy a celebratory meal, can be tedious as the options are limited.
Unlike most venues, Sahra by the River is the perfect venue to host all things business, with a private room fitted out with a 78’’ LED TV as well as, a state-of-the-art AV system and comfortably seating anywhere from 10-300 guests.

Birthday celebrations at Sahra couldn’t get any better! Classy fitouts, panoramic water views, a luxurious bar and a delicious cuisine boasting a wide selection of banquet packages that will leave your guests, no matter how fussy they are, in awe.
The venue also offers various entertainment options (upon request) which will make your birthday that little bit more exciting, such as:

  • Belly dancer
  • Henna lady
  • Fortune Teller
  • Lebanese drummer/s

If you are looking for a Lebanese Restaurant in Sydney</a that will heighten your senses, Sahra by the River should be next on your list of restaurants to visit. Impress your guests by hosting your next big event or special occasion at Sahra.

Call or email us to speak to one of our friendly staff about our various food and beverage packages on offer or make your reservation today!