Why your next event needs to be at a Lebanese Restaurant in Sydney

Having trouble deciding where your next event should be? Birthday, engagement or work event, whatever it may be, Lebanese Restaurants are the perfect host for large groups or even larger events.

It is no secret that Lebanese culture is home to large families and even larger gatherings, which is why they are the perfect choice when it comes to catering for any event. Let’s just say, they are professionals in hospitality.

Finding the perfect venue can be a challenge. Especially when you are trying to please everyone! We are spoiled with choice in Sydney in regards to locations. However, not all of these locations provide an all-in-one solution for an event.

Lebanese restaurants in Sydney CBD are becoming increasingly popular, bringing their strong cultural influence to the people of Sydney – the ultimate choice for your next event.


Lebanese people are famous for hosting extravagant events that will leave you with an unforgettable experience and a satisfied hunger.

Searching for the perfect Lebanese restaurant around Sydney’s CBD

When choosing the ideal venue for your next event, it is important that it meets ALL your needs. This includes exceptional customer service, delicious food, amazing atmosphere and options which suit everyone’s dietary requirements!

Lebanese restaurants bring all of these to Sydney CBD. Here is how:

Food is everything

The quality and taste of food at a restaurant is one of the most important factors when deciding where to host your event. After all, you don’t visit a restaurant to just sit around and talk. You want to thoroughly enjoy your food experience.

Lucky for you, Lebanese restaurants will deliver the most exquisite flavours to you and your guests.

If you haven’t already experienced Lebanese dining, you should know that everyone’s favourite part of attending an event hosted at a Lebanese restaurant, is definitely the food.

Bursting with flavour and transporting your taste-buds to another world, your plate will be full. Not once, not twice, maybe even three times!

Sharing is caring. This term is one that explains Lebanese cuisine perfectly. When indulging in a Lebanese feast, you will discover that meals are made for sharing, and there is always excess food! Enough for everyone to get a taste of everything.

Lebanese restaurants are an amazing choice for birthday parties or larger events as they offer banquet dining choices, customisable to everyone’s needs. Banquets are perfect in providing convenience especially when there is such a large group. Saving the time and hassle in trying to choose a course from the menu, a banquet does all the thinking for you.

Don’t worry, if you have specific nutritional requirements, you won’t be left hungry. Lebanese cuisine has plenty of delicious vegetarian and vegan choices.

Kick off the party with mezza.

Authentic mezza is a feast of small dishes that are usually shared which is served at the beginning of the dining experience. There is a choice of hot and cold options as well as plenty of vegan/vegetarian choices.

Thereafter you will be delighted with mouth-watering main meal sharing platters usually consisting of lamb, kafta and chicken skewers.

Did you think it stops there? Definitely not. A Lebanese dining experience is not complete without a little sweet treat and a cup of Arabic coffee. A traditional dessert that is served is usually the baklava, a Lebanese delicacy.

Comfort and Capacity

As mentioned earlier, Lebanese people come from large families and will celebrate with anyone they’ve ever met in their life. Which is why you will notice most Lebanese restaurants are quite spacious. This is because they are designed to cater for larger groups and events. Whether you are hosting a smaller event for 20 or a larger one for up to 100, Lebanese restaurants will cater to you!

There is no gathering too big or too small to host at a Lebanese restaurant.

Additionally, some Lebanese restaurants have private rooms away from the main seating area where people can host their own events. This is ideal for those who want an intimate setting.

Enjoyable experience

When visiting a restaurant for an event, it is important that everyone enjoys their day/night to the fullest. Going to a restaurant is not ONLY about the food, even though it is certainly important. It is also about the overall experience and customer service that is delivered to guests. Lebanese restaurants in Sydney CBD are sure to provide guests with a high level of quality service, making sure your event is an enjoyable one.

What is an event without music, drummers or a belly dancer? Certainly not a Lebanese one.

Nearly every event will incorporate some type of traditional music, instruments or the ever so famous belly dancer. These entertainment options provide an experience beyond the food for guests.

Lebanese restaurants make sure your event is one that leaves your guests with an unforgettable experience. There are a variety of entertainment options if you choose a Lebanese restaurant for your event. Customisable and tailored to your needs, Lebanese restaurants are available for any type of occasion.

Amazing atmosphere

The first impression a restaurant leaves you is extremely important. The ambience and the overall atmosphere of a restaurant can either make the party or break it!

Lebanese restaurants provide guests with an unforgettable atmosphere, allowing people to experience, culture, tradition and delicious flavours all in one.

Lebanese restaurants are usually designed beautifully with cultural art and modern interiors with a traditional twist. Aiming to provide guests with a unique experience, these spaces are there to enhance the food, entertainment and event.

Have we convinced you yet? If we haven’t, visiting Sahra By The River will.

Whether you just want to dine in for a small dinner, or a larger event, it is a picture-perfect venue! We can tailor our menu and environment to suit your needs. Just reach out to us! We welcome you and hope to see your faces at our Lebanese restaurant soon!