Experience a Lebanese fine dining experience in Parramatta like no other

Fine dining restaurants, or sometimes referred to as ‘white tablecloth’ restaurants, are usually higher-end luxurious restaurants. When thinking about ‘fine dining in Parramatta,’ you should be looking at upscale restaurants with high-quality food as opposed to casual eateries. Sahra by the River offers an exceptional Lebanese dining experience right in the heart of Sydney’s west. With a formal atmosphere, high-quality menu and unique drink menu, this restaurant is the epitome of fine Lebanese dining in Parramatta.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well” – Virginia Woolf

What characteristics distinguish a restaurant in Parramatta as “fine dining?”

Many fine dining restaurants offer different cuisines and environments but usually share similar characteristics. These characteristics include:

  • Attention to detail
  • Flawless execution
  • Exquisite service
  • Superb menu
  • Exceptional atmosphere
Lebanese fine dining at Sahra by The River in Parramatta starts with the detail

At Sahra by the River, we offer guests an unforgettable Lebanese fine dining experience in Parramatta. The first way we achieve this is through our attention to small details. This goes beyond the music, lighting and decor placed around the restaurant.

We create an elegant dining atmosphere by showcasing our Lebanese culture and traditions through unique art, china and stoneware. Our layout and interior decor are strategically designed to match the aesthetic of Lebanese food and lifestyle.

At Sahra by the River, we understand how important it is for guests to enjoy their dining experience, which is why we ensure nothing is too loud, too bright or too overpowering. We pay attention to our consumers and deliver an exceptional dining experience matching Lebanese culture and tradition.

No Lebanese fine dining experience is complete without professional staff

Part of Lebanese culture is an emphasis on hospitality. Fine dining requires staff and servers who have experience and knowledge of the restaurant, business culture and values. This implies that hospitality cannot be discounted when you are dining. It is simply not enough to have a sound understanding of the menu. At Sahra by the River, we place high-level importance on our staff to ensure they are providing guests with an exceptional dining experience. Our team can explain the menu, give the guests recommendations and tailor the experience based on request.

We require reservations: Lebanese fine dining Parramatta

Taking reservations allows us to adequately space parties and ensure kitchen and chefs are not overwhelmed throughout particular periods throughout the night. At Sahra by the River, we offer guests the option of making reservations online, providing them with convenience and ease when booking their seat.

Attention Parramatta: fantastic atmosphere and sensational menus are a must for fine Lebanese dining

At Sahra by The River, we provide guests with a unique experience in an elegantly designed environment. Our welcoming and friendly staff ensure every guest is attended to and cared for. In addition to this, we showcase Lebanese culture through our music and entertainment options, allowing guests to experience Lebanese tradition thorough the experience of dining.

Our authentic Lebanese restaurant has a rich menu of traditional Lebanese food. Some of our favourite fine dining choices at Sahra by The River include:

  • Hot traditional mezza: sambousik and kibbeh, these two dishes are the perfect starter when indulging in fine Lebanese dining in Parramatta. Sambousik is a delightful deep-fried pastry filled with spiced minced meat, onions and pine nuts. Kibbeh is a fried ‘meat croquette’ consisted of spiced mincemeat as an outer shell and a filling of mincemeat and pine nuts.
  • Cold tradition mezza: kibbeh naye, a grade ground grass-fed lamb served raw with cracked wheat alongside pickles, radish, shallot and garlic sauce. This rustic, authentic Lebanese dish may seem daunting by some; however, it is a much-loved dish that is a must when indulging in a Lebanese feast.
  • Poultry: garlic and lemon chicken served with herbed aioli, coriander potato and green salad. This succulent and flavoursome main dish is a great poultry option, offering unique and complex flavours.
  • Meat: lamb skewers spiced and marinated to perfection, served with grilled vegetables, herb salad and garlic aioli. Tender and succulent, this dish is a fantastic addition when dining at a fine dining Lebanese restaurant in Parramatta.
  • Dessert: baklawa, a rich sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts, held together with sugar syrup. Sink your teeth into this exquisite dessert, to end your Lebanese fine dining experience in Parramatta with a smile.

At Sahra by The River, we want you to feel appreciated and welcomed into our Lebanese fine dining restaurant in Parramatta. Serving you with sensational dishes and merging cuisine, mood and experience to showcase the Lebanese culture at its finest.

Reserve your table now at our restaurant for an unforgettable fine dining experience in Parramatta!

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