Grab your fork, Sydney: how to pair Lebanese food picks with the perfect dip

Just like you add sauce to your meat-pie, we like to add some garlic dip to our chicken skewers.

Lebanese dips are saucy accompaniments served with bread or as we like it, alongside other dishes. We love pairing food with the perfect dip. A dip adds elements of flavour and character to the dish, taking flavours to the next level.

Are you searching for great ‘Lebanese food near me’?

You will no doubt be confronted with an array of Arabic cuisines available in your area. But this is not merely enough when considering the best place to eat Lebanese food in Sydney.

We have put together some of our favourite “couples” that will take your taste-buds on a wild journey. If you haven’t already indulged in Lebanese food in Sydney, be sure you do so with these tips up your sleeve!

Lebanese food is always within arm’s length keeping your favourites near!

With so many options of Lebanese food to choose from in Sydney, you will certainly find one that transforms your tastebuds. The beauty of Lebanese food in Sydney is you can choose from a range of dishes or eliminate the hassle and choose a banquet.

Banquets allow for all dishes to be coupled with a dip, just the way we like it. Next time you enjoy Lebanese food in Sydney, make sure you pair it with some of our favourite dip tips:

Sambousik and hummus

Sambousik and hummus, the perfect pair. Sambousik, also known as the Lebanese version of a meat pie, is a small pastry filled with either meat or cheese. Meat sambousik is usually filled with minced lamb combined with onions, herbs, pinenuts and spices to add a beautiful texture and taste. On the other hand, the filling of a cheese sambousik can range from a variety of different cheeses including halloumi, mozzarella and fetta!

Crispy, crunchy and captivating, these little pastries are deep fried making them little puffs of pastry heaven. To add a little extra touch, we love to have a side of hummus. Although it can be enjoyed just as is, adding a touch of hummus just elevates this mezza option. Hummus is a creamy and delicious dip that is the perfect accompaniment to the crispy sambousik, with flavours of chickpeas with a hint of tahini, lemon, oil and salt complementing the spices of the meat pastry filling.

Chicken skewers and garlic dip

Chicken skewers and garlic dip were always meant to be together. Lebanese style, these chicken cubes are marinated in a variety of spices overnight and are always eaten alongside the zest of Lebanon’s famous creamy garlic dip. The only way to indulge in this dish.

Delicious and full of flavour, these chicken cubes when cooked the right way are tender and succulent. Chicken skewers are usually enjoyed as a main dish and if you ask just about any Lebanese food connoisseur Sydney, they will tell you to eat it with garlic dip.

Why is garlic dip so good? Light, fluffy and packed with flavour, this sauce has the perfect amount of garlic, with hints of lemon, oil and salt (and our secret ingredient) to add dimension and flavour to any dish, especially chicken!

Kibbeh and labneh

Kibbeh is for all the meat lovers. Forget about your average meatballs, and choose kibbeh. These addictive little creations combine taste and texture, making them a Lebanese food staple in Sydney.

Made from an outer shell consisting of wheat, diced onion and ground meat and an inner filling of cooked minced meat, chopped pine nuts and a range of spices. Kebbeh is formed into little cylinders and is best eaten fried with a side of labneh.

What is labneh? A light yoghurt, this dip is refreshing and tasty and has been a part of Lebanese cuisine for many years. This dip is not only delicious but is healthy, adding to your daily protein intake. It is also considered a probiotic food, with high levels of healthy bacteria assisting to boost your immune system.

This versatile dish can be eaten in a variety of ways and often added to a variety of mezza options. BUT – we love labneh with kibbeh. Next time you spoil yourself with Lebanese food in Sydney, be sure to try out this amazing combination.

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