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Hummus, baba ghanouj, labneh. The perfect trio.

Dips are saucy accompaniments served with fresh bread, vegetables, Mezza and even main meals! Many restaurants in Parramatta serve inviting and delicious dips, but none like Sahra by the River. Full of flavour, texture and spice, Lebanese dips open up a whole new world of exciting taste.

How ‘dip’ is your love? Parramatta, here’s a love story you will want to be a part of

Dips are a common condiment for many different types of food and are used to add flavour and texture to foods such as bread, meat, cheese, falafel and vegetables. Dips are unlike typical sauces and are placed on the side whereby other ingredients can be quickly dipped.

Dips are best served as a part of Mezza. They are meant to be shared amongst all guests at the table.

Some of the most popular dips served in Lebanese restaurants in Parramatta are hummus, baba ghanouj and labneh. These dips are a staple to any Lebanese feast and add an extra tasty element to almost every dish served.

Mouthwatering hummus

This flavoursome dip has become increasingly popular in Lebanese restaurants worldwide.

Where does the word hummus come from? It is merely the Arabic word for chickpea. This delightful little dip is creamy, smooth and full of flavour, and how can we forget it it’s filled with protein.

This dip is best enjoyed with pita bread or alongside barbecued meats. It is also commonly experienced as part of Mezza with falafel, kibbeh and tabbouli. In saying that, hummus can’t be a meal in itself.

Hummus is apart of every Lebanese feast and sometimes stays on the table for Mezza and also the main meal. It is a dish every Lebanese person will have stocked up in their fridge and snack on throughout the week.

How do you eat hummus? Eat it the Lebanese way and eat it with your hands. Okay not really with your fingers but more-so with a piece of bread and your hands scooping up the delicious dip.

Delicious baba ghanouj

Eggplant. Grilled. Mashed. Spiced. Voi-la we have baba ghanouj. This silky dip is a fantastic addition to the Mezza table bringing forward a smoky and full-bodied flavour.

This dip is made with eggplant, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and salt. It is similar to hummus, but it calls for grilled or roasted eggplant instead of chickpeas.

Baba ghanouj is also best eaten at a Mezza table alongside hot bread and vegetables. Smoky is the first word that comes to mind when we think of baba ghanouj. This is what sets apart this dip from others.

This universal dip is loose and smooth enough to scoop with bread but can be eaten with a fork. However you enjoy eating it, we are sure there is going to be none left for the rest of the guests once you get your hands on it.

Refreshing Labneh

Light, fresh and versatile, labneh is another Lebanese classic. This is a type of soft cheese that has been part of the cuisine for many years. Labneh is eaten similarly to hummus, and most traditional Mezza spreads will always include this mouthwatering dip. Labneh makes the perfect dip for fresh bread, falafel, fried kibbeh or zaatar.

Not only is labneh extremely tasty, but it also has a range of health benefits. It is considered a probiotic food with high levels of protein and healthy bacteria that can help boost your immune system.

Lucky for you, it is also low in calories, so you won’t be feeling guilty after you devour the whole plate to yourself. Many Lebanese restaurants in Parramatta serve labneh as part of their Mezza, making it a fantastic addition to the meal.

No one makes a labneh like the Lebanese, which is why visiting a restaurant in Parramatta is your best bet for indulging in a flavoursome labneh!

Do you want to dunk your bread in a Lebanese dip?

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